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Why Get A Wheel Alignment?

Posted on 10/24/2017

Why Get A Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment is designed to do several things. One is to minimize tire wear. Another is to improve vehicle handling. Another is to improve fuel economy. Last is to improve braking. Tires are a costly purchase and need to be protected. Good alignments measure all four wheels and they should all be adjusted to maximize tire life and handling.

If a vehicle is out of alignment the engine has to work harder to get the vehicle down the road thus affecting economy. If a vehicle is out of alignment it may pull to one side when braking. Alignments are recommended every 2 years or 50,000 kilometers. Our rough roads in winter can easily knock an alignment out. Contact us today for a pre alignment inspection and assessment.

Why Don’t Brakes Last Longer?

Posted on 09/19/2017

Why Don’t Brakes Last Longer?

Good question. There are many reasons but the main reason is lack of maintenance. The brakes on today’s vehicles do a lot of work. They run hotter and use components made from different materials. Some of the materials are susceptible to corrosion which decreases their efficiency and life.

It is a proven fact that annual inspections and service will prevent costly repairs and make the components last longer. Brake repairs done using cheaper materials also don’t last and don’t perform the way they were when the vehicle was new.

A professional brake inspection should take about 30 to 45 minutes and involve a partial disassembly. It should also include a thorough explanation including showing you your vehicle’s brakes. A quick visual inspection will not uncover some underlying problem so by getting a professional to inspect the brakes will not lead to any surprises. Let your Guys inspect your brakes today.

Drive Clean Changes

Posted on 08/22/2017

Drive Clean Changes

The Drive Clean program was developed to clean up the air we breathe. It is designed to make vehicle owners accountable for the vehicles they drive. Vehicles that are polluters are repaired to run better and pollute less. Vehicles are built better than ever before. They last longer and cost less to operate than vehicles made 20 years ago. The main changes are:

  1. Vehicles for license renewal will be tested at no cost to the owner.
  2. If a vehicle fails, a retest done at the same test facility will be ½ price of a regular test.
  3. If the owner wishes to exercise a conditional pass they will only be allowed to do it once. There are no more allowed after the first one for this vehicle.
  4. There is no e test required on a purchase of a used vehicle now.

Be careful with #4 because once you own the vehicle you will need an e test to renew your license plate sticker. Get the vehicle checked out before purchasing it. I believe in the Drive Clean program. It has removed many polluter vehicles from our roads. If you maintain your vehicles properly you shouldn’t have too many problems with the emission test. If the check engine light is on the vehicle will fail automatically. The repair must be done prior to the test. By simply attempting to turn out the light will not work either. The vehicle computer will remember and will show up on the test. 

Battery Woes

Posted on 07/25/2017

We are well aware of all of the technological changes made every year. With the advent of computers and the number of electronic components, the demands on a vehicle's electrical system have increased substantially. Computers require a very specific amount of power for them to function properly. Too much or too little power can cause significant problems. The heart of the electrical system is the battery. Because of the heat and demands put on batteries today manufacturers have changed the composition of the battery. Gone are the days of a traditiional lead acid battery. The new batteries are a glass material composition or AGM type. The old batteries do not have the capacity or durability to perform in today's vehicles. These batteries cannot be interchanged. Even charging, testing or boosting has changed. Care must be taken working on these systems. Equipment and training levels for technicians have also increased. When working on today's vehicles knowledge is KING. Be sure you have your vehicle serviced by qualified technicians who use the proper equipment. Remember, even disconnecting a battery improperly can cause costly damage.

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