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  • Can I drive through water on the road?
    Yes, providing you go slowly, and the water does not cover the tires at the bottom of the rims. Drive close to the center of the road and watch ahead for water levels. Never enter water you cannot cross on foot or water 6 inches or midway up your tires.
  • How do I get my car moving if I become stuck in snow or mud?
    Get the vehicle rocking and resist spinning the tires, especially in the snow. Clear debris from in front of all tires to make it easier to drive out.
  • Am I responsible for peeling license plates?
    If the lamination on your plate(s) is peeling or bubbling, please visit a Service Ontario Centre to get them replaced. You must bring both plates in for replacement, even if only one has peeling or bubbling.
  • Why do my turn signals flash faster than they used to?
    A fast-blinking turn signal usually indicates that a turn-signal bulb is burned out on that side. Get the lights checked and repaired.
  • Can I change the oil myself and still maintain my warranty?
    No. Most manufacturers want proof of service at a reputable shop for warranty purposes.
  • Do I need to have my vehicle serviced at the dealer to maintain my warranty?
    No, but keep all maintenance receipts. When you service your vehicle with us, we keep record of the oil type, quantity, and filters used. This way, if your warranty ever comes knocking, you know you're protected with us!
  • I'm thinking about buying a vehicle... what should I do?
    Get it inspected by a trusted technician for rust or paint damage, and an inspection of the frame Look for recalls Get a buyers package from the MTO Look into reviews for the vehicle. Check for any service records and repairs done Check insurance rates and if there's any insurance claims How long has the vehicle been owned previously and why are they selling it? Get a CARFAX report.
  • Should you warm your vehicle up before driving?
    When temperatures drop during winter, it's a good idea to let the car run for about a minute. In terms of comfort, when you drive the car, it's going to warm up in just a few minutes versus idling for 15-20 minutes. Extended idling just wastes gas.
  • Does the air conditioner affect my fuel economy?
    In short, yes. Air conditioning requires more energy to operate. Everything you use in your car needs the energy to run. If your car doesn't have a hybrid drive system, that energy is coming from your gas tank via your engine.
  • What should I keep in my car for winter driving?
    You should keep a sturdy ice scraper and snow brush. A small shovel, gloves, and other winter clothing. You should also keep a blanket, emergency flares or reflectors, rock salt or sand, a first aid kit, and rope or chain for those sticky situations. It would also be a good precaution to have jumper cables, a cell phone charger, sunglasses, water, and non-perishable snacks. You never know what could happen and preparedness saves lives.
  • Do I need to rustproof my vehicle?
    If you'd like to own your vehicle for a long time - or if you plan on selling it soon - rustproofing your car will make it last for years and give it more curb appeal. That'll increase its resale value if you ever decide to sell your car. Regular washes remove harmful salt and debris to protect the finish.
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