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January Car Maintenance... Where do I start?

The hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, you forgot to get your oil changed, the kids are back in school and you’re still trying to remember how to breathe, let alone how to maintain the vehicle that sits in your driveway. We recognize and understand chaos, and we’re here to help.

This is a resource not only to keep you organized when it comes to your car, but also to make maintaining your investment feel less intimidating.


We’re starting with lighting. Take some time today to perform the following checks:

  • Headlights as bright as your future

With your car running, lights on, and vehicle in park (the most important step), stand in front of your car with both your low beams and high beams on. If you aren’t feeling like you’re receiving an X-ray, it might be time for some new bulbs! Headlights lose brightness over time and your vision on the roads at night is important. If they make you wince a little, similar to your childhood memories of declaring “Mermaid” as your biggest career aspiration, your headlights are probably fine for the time being.

  • Brake lights and blinker fluid

Also take a look at your brake lights and signals, both left and right. These lights are intended for communication with other drivers. While we can’t make other drivers turn into a Bobby Blinker (we’re talking to you, BMW drivers), we can make you one. If your signal is blinking faster than normal, this is an indication that it’s time for some new bulbs, not time for new blinker fluid.

  • Brushes on hand

Ensure you have a snow brush in the trunk of your car. We haven’t seen much snow yet… but we know it’s coming. For your safety, it’s important that your headlights, brake lights, and signals are free of snow and ice before every journey onto the roadways. Make sure your license plate is visible as well.


Our next concern in these winter months is your vision. Here’s some tips to keep you sane and safe!

  • Snow removal

We know, we know. It’s cold. It sucks. The snow always winds up down your sleeves and into your socks and you’ve already said 7 curse words before you’ve even finished your morning coffee. Or, you’ve timed your morning routine so perfectly that you can auto start your car twice and “most of the snow will have melted by the time I get in it,” which might be true. But we’re nearly positive you’d rather deal with some snow in your boots than a ticket on your way to work. Did you know: it’s your legal responsibility to clean off the entirety of your car, including the roof and trunk. You know the guy that doesn’t do that? And snow is blowing all through your vision because he didn’t clean his car off? Yeah, don’t be that guy.

  • Wipers and (premium?) washer fluid

Make sure you’re turning your wipers OFF when you reach your destination. Leaving them on could result in breaking or damage the next time you start your car if the wipers are on but the blades are frozen to your windshield. Try to keep snow and ice from building up on them to ensure they’re doing their part in keeping your vision clear, using your defroster regularly will help with this job. Lastly on your list of wiper maintenance is purchasing a premium washer fluid. While there’s no benefit to putting “Premium Air” in your tires, there absolutely is a benefit to premium washer fluid. Higher quality fluids contain more cleaners and provide better freezing protection. Use the winter fluid all year round, “Summer Fluid” is just a marketing scheme.

  • Windows windows wind-ohhhhs

Are you feeling enlightened yet? Your last piece of winter maintenance is glass care. Cleaning the inside of your windows regularly will help with glare and foggy areas. Your defroster will do a lot but it’s your job to make sure you’re doing the most.


We called this January Car Maintenance but really, these tips will keep you safe(er) through all of the winter months. You can bookmark it and refer to it whenever you’re in doubt. Most importantly, when the weather gets tough, The Auto Guys get tougher. Our phone number should be your number one resource. We’ll see you again in April for Volume 2 of Car Maintenance, making sure you spring into summer with a well-looked after investment.

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Thanks for the great tips and it is so good to know your shop follows the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer of my vehicle. At my last service time was taken to remind me of this and offering a quote. Of course I had the maintenance performed because I trust your judgement. Your service is terrific and I appreciate the honesty offered by your shop. You have two lifetime customers from our home although we are old so a “lifetime” might be really, really long🥴

Me gusta
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