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Get to Know Us!

Located in St. Thomas Ontario, The Auto Guys is owned and operated by Bob Ward & Lynda Groom. Our automotive service goal is to provide each customer the highest quality, honest and affordable auto repairs and services that their car, truck or SUV needs.

Our reputation...

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The Auto Guys are excited to be recognized with the CAA bronze award. CAA is the only national organization that evaluates repair facilities for quality of workmanship, customer convenience and customer care. This award is given to companies who have met the standards set by CAA.

We were one of three repair shops (out of 60), representing the district of South Central Ontario from Toronto to Windsor, to be recognized. It is a great accomplishment and we are proud of this honour.

Here is the team that made this award possible!


Your vehicle may require repairs from time to time. Mechanical parts do wear out and no longer perform the job they were intended to do. Sometimes this is unexpected and it is our job to perform a thorough inspection and inform you about potential repairs before they become a problem. We perform a “no charge” comprehensive courtesy inspection on all vehicles. The results are explained to you to enable you to make an informed decision about any repairs that may be needed.

What Our Customers Say...

Our reputation has been built one satisfied customer at a time. They picked the friendly choice and this is what they had to say about it.

I'm a new vehicle owner who has limited knowledge of my truck. The Auto Guys gave my baby a quick service, and gave me a reasonable price. The gentleman at the front counter was very helpful! Thanks, The Auto Guys!

Evan Vandeworp

November 2023

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135 South Edgeware Road, St. Thomas, ON N5P 4C4, Canada



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Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 5:30 pm





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